FUTEK brand identity framework

When I started consulting with the measurement technology firm FUTEK, the company had a superior product and a client base of some of the world’s most innovative tech companies. What they didn’t have was a framework for how to speak about themselves.

After a few years of defining the value propositions, positioning, and messaging and infusing them into content and promotions, I collected all that we had learned and funneled it into this brandbook. It provides a blueprint for sales enablement material and web content but it’s also an internal piece of storytelling that breaks down the FUTEK vision and culture for new hires and inspires company pride.

FUTEK designs and builds sensors, a measuring tool that is a critical component in any advanced technology, from aerospace to manufacturing to any kind of robotics. The product itself is not necessarily exciting, but its applications are. This is a vital part of the company messaging, to place the product at the forefront of today’s most visionary innovations.

The slogan “Measure with certitude, design with creativity” captures the dual value propositions that are at the core of the company’s mission and vision. By deconstructing the phrase into two categories (“certitude”, “creativity”) and breaking down the practical applications behind them, I showed that the words were more than just marketing language.

Simple breakdowns of intangible concepts such as the benefits of collaboration turn abstract ideas into value propositions.

Visually appealing infographics of complicated manufacturing processes give the sales and business development teams a show-don’t-tell asset for pitching company expertise and quality.

FUTEK has a beloved and charismatic founder who is fond of catchphrases. I used some of his most ubiquitous sayings as chapter dividers to add a lighter and more intimate touch to the data-heavy document.