Gucci Menswear Press Release


Urgency, passion and sensuality fuels John Ray’s Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2006- 2007 collection. Refined materials meet rugged textures. The confident clash of opposites creates a youthful, sexy look. Feminine details are grounded by strong, masculine elements. Influences from modern folk rock are mixed with notes from historical paintings. Movement and fluidity is key. Long and dramatic coats feature pure and angular shapes in the front. The back opens up with sweeping pleats and volume. Shiny mohair, rich cashmere and alpaca have a worn softness. Layers add depth to the textures. Skinny pants in classic pinstripes, dogtooth, checks and herringbone are rooted in heavy boots with thick cashmere socks. Semi-sheer ruffled shirts in crinkled voile are worn over jersey t-shirts or under rustic wool flannel.  Cashmere and mohair knits in blown-up checks and dogtooth patterns are thick and slightly tufted. Broken in textures give character to the garments. Washed leather biker jackets add a rougher edge. Scarves are tied around the waists and wrists, braided strips of lace become a belt. Iconic Gucci elements have been reinterpreted and transformed. Re-colored archive prints occur in cotton voile shirts and madded silk scarves. The horse-bit adorns the leather straps of a soft motorcycle boot. The Gucci crest is enlarged for cashmere scarves and shrunk for shirt prints. Dressy details like feathered neckpieces with jet beads are worn with simple t-shirts. Frothy lace collars peek out of double-breasted velvet blazers. The colors are rich and moody: Deep purples, dark reds, midnight blue and black. It’s the wardrobe of a sophisticated rebel with an original voice. It’s irreverent and strong, luxurious and pure. It’s the unconventional mind of John Ray.