Author: Johanna Lenander

  • Monica Simpson interview – Mission magazine

    Monica Simpson interview – Mission magazine

    Reproductive justice is at the heart of everything that matters. This beautiful soul brings possibility, empowerment, and joy to this movement. It was an absolute honor to interview her. I come back to our conversation again and again on days when the world feels dark, because her voice and her being bring me hope.

  • Karlssonwilker website

    Karlssonwilker website

    The internationally renowned design and idea studio Karlssonwilker needed a new website. The current site had a disjointed and confusing user experience that undersold the accomplishments of this extremely influential studio, whose award-winning work for clients like Bloomberg, BMW, and Nintendo has set new standards for graphic design and branding. I led the creation of…

  • Motherstructures website

    Motherstructures website

    The artist and entrepreneur Charlotta Janssen needed a new website to showcase her innovative architectural project Motherstructures, a building concept of ultra-light and sculptural structures that function as contemporary versions of Art Nouveau canopies or winter gardens. The existing website was a half-baked maze of scattered images and incomplete information. I created a clean and…

  • FUTEK brand identity framework

    FUTEK brand identity framework

    When I started consulting with the measurement technology firm FUTEK, the company had a superior product and a client base of some of the world’s most innovative tech companies. What they didn’t have was a framework for how to speak about themselves. After a few years of defining the value propositions, positioning, and messaging and…

  • SXM Media website

    SXM Media website

    I was hired by the enduringly excellent digital design studio Area 17 to collaborate on their rebranding for SXM Media. The project was a top-to-bottom renovation of the company’s web presence, encompassing creating a content strategy built on a new messaging and positioning framework. I wasn’t part of the full 9-month ride, but I helped…

  • PepsiCo Design + Innovation Center

    PepsiCo Design + Innovation Center

    PepsiCo Design + Innovation Center is a design-centric incubator within PepsiCo that focuses on developing innovative design solutions for new and classic PepsiCo brands. The multi-award winning group, which is led by Mauro Porcini, creates bold, design-driven identities and campaign activations that have refreshed and rebranded many of the PepsiCo products. As its first-ever content…

  • WorkFusion website

    WorkFusion website

    During my tenure as content director for the AI-driven automation SaaS platform WorkFusion, I was responsible for the company’s rebranding and website redesign efforts. Leading strategy, brand voice, and content architecture, I worked with the digital agency Athletics to transform a disparate platform of disjointed product information into a cohesive user journey. The form language…

  • FUTEK product detail pages

    FUTEK product detail pages

    Popular belief maintains that engineers don’t care about words and images. I disagree. Hence I created a compelling and informative experience for highly tech-savvy tech professionals shopping for sensors on the leading mechanical engineering firm FUTEK’s store pages. Taking cues from consumer tech vendors as inspiration, I created a user experience that offered style (sleek…

  • Stonewall Chorale article – Mission Magazine

    Stonewall Chorale article – Mission Magazine

    The Stonewall Chorale is the first LGBTQIA+ choir in the US. It’s been a safe space for queer people to share their love of classical music and make their voices heard in the most beautiful way possible since 1977. Listening to them sing is a powerful physical and spiritual experience that embodies hope and resilience.

  • MEDINA brand voice and positioning

    MEDINA brand voice and positioning

    The sophisticated European swimwear brand MEDINA had a strong product and compelling story but needed help articulating it. I led the brand’s journey to find its voice. What I did: Identifying the brand DNA I started the process by conducting lengthy interviews with the founder. Learning about her impressive industry experience as well as personal…

  • Parsons Website

    Parsons Website

    Parsons School of Design is a world-renowned institution that has shaped and educated many of the country’s influential designers and artists. I was part of a stellar team from Area 17 that revamped the school’s website, transforming it from a sprawling web of subpages to a cohesive creative machine with clear paths and strong messages.…

  • Hair Wars

    Hair Wars

    Together with David Yellen, I traveled across the country to attend the incredible phenomenon known as Hair Wars, a hair stylists’ showcase meets talent show that features the most elaborate and sculptural coiffures the world has ever known. The result of our excursions was this book, which features the stunning work in David’s painterly photographs,…

  • Dictionnaire International de la Mode

    Dictionnaire International de la Mode

    I had the honor to write and update the British and American entries for Editions du Regard’s comprehensive fashion encyclopedia from 2005. And yes, my texts were translated from English to French.