Gucci Ginza Press Release


This fall, Gucci presents its most striking and luxurious retail destination yet. Gucci Ginza, the first ever Gucci flagship to be housed in its own building, is a remarkable eight-floor glass tower that has been conceived specifically to compliment Tokyo shopping culture. It is an innovative expression of modern Gucci glamour that ushers in the label’s new design era and continues the Gucci legacy of unparalleled shopping.

A breathtaking first impression is created by the building’s light-infused exterior. The multi-dimensional glass façade, made exclusively for Gucci Ginza by James Carpenter Design Associates, is composed of two layers of hanging glass panels. While one layer is clear, the other is cast in a bronze hue, creating an illuminated glow. At night, the tower radiates with a light installation by artist Shozo Toyohisa.

Entering the store, the customer is immediately struck by the new vision of the Gucci universe. Creative Director Frida Giannini has worked with designer William Sofield to create a light, warm and intimate aesthetic that fuses classic Gucci elements with a modern spirit. The color theme is based on gold and silver shades framed by natural light and softly glowing wall panels. Signature materials like rosewood and mohair velvet upholstering are lighter in color, while the iconic travertine has a richer, warmer hue. The hard glow of glossy metals has been replaced by softer, more natural surfaces. Accents of brushed nickel and gold in the Gucci web pattern are a nod to the retro façade of the New York store in the 1970s, while carpeting picks up the classic cursive Gucci logo.

The sense of luminous luxe continues throughout the store. The floors are linked by a grand staircase of ribbed glass, which echoes the buildings exterior, while a glass and rosewood elevator features an inviting velvet mohair bench. High-tech touches include a video directory and interactive videos.  The lower level hosts the men’s world, which features ready-to-wear and accessories. The ground level showcases Gucci’s most luxurious accessories including made to order precious skin handbags, a service being reintroduced initially only in Japan.  The second and third floors are devoted to Gucci’s women’s collections. Ready-to-wear and accessories are presented on the second floor while fine jewelry, runway fashion and accessories, including evening wear and evening accessories, are featured on the third floor.

Throughout the store, visitors are introduced to the new Gucci shopping experience. Customers receive an unparalleled and luxurious combination of personal service and attention to detail, elevating the shopping at Gucci to a veritable selling ceremony.  The store showcases carefully conceived details, such as Guccissima leather change trays, credit card folios, shoehorns and poles designed for the salesperson to theatrically reach the handbags from the monumental handbag display, which is signature to Gucci stores past and present.  In what will become a new Gucci signature, handbags will be presented with a flourish on special leather roll out pads inspired by those originally used at Gucci’s first store in Florence. Gucci robes monogrammed with the original Guccio Gucci’s script signature add elegance and comfort to the changing rooms. A customer center for after-sales services on the sixth floor guarantees the total Gucci luxury experience.

One of the most distinctive features of the store is Gucci Cafe on the fourth floor, which contributes to the overall luxury experience by providing an elegant environment to relax in between shopping. The café serves a menu especially designed for Ginza, along with special touches such as exclusive Gucci chocolates. In the café, a magnificent collage mural rendered in a Japanese lacquer technique by artist Nancy Lorenz, is composed of gold and silver elements with Gucci bamboo accents, referencing one of Gucci’s most famous and beloved symbols.  The light and airy café opens up to a grand view of the Ginza cityscape.

The sixth floor introduces the first Gucci Gallery, which will open with a special exhibition celebrating the “Gucci by Gucci” book commemorating the label’s 85th anniversary featuring historical objects from its archives. The top floors of the building are crowned with a roof terrace and a dramatic event space.

Gucci Ginza is a testament to the Gucci brand’s enduring legacy of luxury and an incomparable international shopping destination.